公平的脱碳 of the Building Sector



Equitable decarbonization of the building sector is needed to meet the urgent climate challenge, requiring the transformation of energy systems, 消费者的选择, 和劳动力交易——这一转变类似于战后美国大规模的资本动员.S.


我们将“公平的脱碳”定义为公正、公平地从我们目前经济依赖的碳密集型能源服务(交通运输)转型, 加热, 工业过程, and more) to decarbonized technologies and fuels in planned, 管理的步骤, so that the benefits and costs of that transition are equitably distributed across society. 如果成功, 所有小组-跨班级, 比赛, 地理位置, 性别——将在结果上实现平等,并充分实现这种新能源系统的经济和健康效益.

To develop our roadmap to 公平的 decarbonization for the building sector, we brought together experts from across CEE’s areas of expertise — research, 程序的实现, 金融, 政策, 和社区参与——并问:2040年建筑行业的公平脱碳将是什么样子?


Equitable decarbonization of the building sector is necessary to meet the urgent climate challenge. It will require a wholesale transformation of our energy systems, 消费者的选择, 和劳动力交易——这一转变的规模类似于美国战后时期的大规模资本动员.

Systemic changes are required for this transformation, disrupting utility business models and regulatory frameworks, altering the use of incumbent energy infrastructure, 并影响能源消费者的成本. It is important to connect what might feel like small, incremental changes in the near term to the numerous moving parts needed to realize an efficient, 公平的, environmentally beneficial future in the longer term. 我们选择了2040年,因为它既足够近,可以评估我们今天做出的选择的影响,又足够远,可以对这种转变的影响进行深思熟虑的管理.


引爆点. By 2040, we are well beyond the tipping point of a full transition to a decarbonized economy, 相信一个由脱碳电力系统和脱碳气体燃料驱动的经济将在我们的掌握之中. Very efficient electric systems are increasingly the primary source of heat in homes and 靠谱的外围竞猜app, and the technicians necessary to work on them are well trained and available statewide.

The indoor spaces where people spend most of their time — homes, 靠谱的外围竞猜app, 学校——更安静, 更健康的, 更舒适, and indoor air quality has improved significantly. 我们增加了高效家庭制冷的使用,减轻了低收入社区极端高温事件的负担, 其中包括许多有色人种社区.

能源劳动力. 到2040年,能源劳动力将蓬勃发展. 2020年还不存在的公司已经蓬勃发展,以满足电气化建筑和以可再生能源为主的电网的高科技需求. 多元化的一代, savvy workers has been attracted to the trades by high wages, 优秀的工人培训, and new opportunities in system controls and network infrastructure.

There has been a surge in demand for home insulation over the past two decades, 通过减少家庭供暖和制冷的能源使用,帮助抵消从低成本天然气转向高成本电力的影响. By 2040, 这种需求正在减弱, 因为大多数房子都是隔热的, 但是,帮助创造健康家园遗产的工人们仍在继续建造零净建筑,并为商业部门提供利基机会. Business ownership by people of color, indigenous people, and women is common and representative.

灵活、高效的负载作为资源. By 2040, as more end uses have transitioned to electricity, our electric utilities have harnessed the flexibility inherent in building energy systems, coupled with grid modernization investments, to improve the reliability of the electricity grid and quickly isolate disruptions. Buildings are tighter and readily adjust their 加热 and cooling demand to support the grid.

Vehicles act as backup electric systems, and EV loads are managed. Energy savings and demand flexibility are metered, 测量, 和可靠的, trusted by utilities to meet system needs in equal measure with supply-side resources. 我们加固了电网,以适应极端气候事件,大大减少了停电次数和停电时间. 通过智能运营, 负载管理, 还有新技术, the electric system is more reliable and stable.

Transition to Decarbonized Heat and Other End Uses. By 2040, 新建筑非常节能,采用低碳电力驱动的高效电力技术或不产生温室气体的燃料或技术进行加热. 由于消费者偏好和气候政策的共同作用,为新建住宅建筑提供天然气的做法在几年前就结束了. Many industrial facilities continue to be served by natural gas infrastructure, 但现在有更多的管道从可再生原料中输送低碳气体燃料给这些客户和其他客户.

Large parts of the pipeline system are being repurposed and modernized. Traditional gas utilities are more specialized, 提供备用供暖服务, 以及运输燃料, 效率服务, and low-carbon gaseous fuels from high-value renewable industrial feedstocks. 在一些人口稠密的地区, the local natural gas distribution network has been converted to district 加热 and cooling systems. This has increased the opportunities for thermal energy storage, 为客户降低取暖费用, 使社区更有弹性.

Equitable and Effective Utility Regulation. By 2040, 我们的公用事业监管机构已经扩大到监督交通系统电气化,并确保与电力运输有关的公用事业基础设施投资是谨慎的和普遍受益的. By expanding electricity sales to new sectors, consumers are enjoying these increased benefits at low cost. Electric and natural gas utilities are thought of as service providers, not fuel providers.

公用事业管理契约, once limited to just and reasonable rates in return for reliable, 非歧视性的服务, has evolved to encompass broader aspects of energy service. New voices have been introduced to the regulatory system to ensure: the 公平的 allocation of direct and indirect system costs and benefits; the aggressive avoidance of environmental and public health damage from greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants; the provision of exceptional customer service and expanded customer opportunities for all customers; development of a utility workforce representative of the communities they serve; and a commitment to support those communities in achieving their energy-related economic and environmental goals.

这种扩张与公用事业监管机构对公用事业财务健康的持续和值得信赖的承诺相结合, which is necessary to deliver on these expanded obligations. A utility’s performance on these and other topics is 测量 and easily available to the public. Financial incentives are used judiciously to spur exceptional outcomes.

致力于公益事业. This transition has happened because of coordination, 远见, 市场创新, 以及对公共利益的承诺. It has generated trillions of dollars of investment in buildings and infrastructure and reduced energy imports, all of which has built local industry and made communities 更健康的 and safer.


中欧和东欧致力于在我们工作的各个方面推进我们2040年公平脱碳的愿景,并知道我们的合作伙伴将加入我们的行列. In addition to insisting on the continued decarbonization of electricity supply, we will focus our attention on the following:

  • Minimizing the potential for stranded gas assets. This is especially important for low-income populations that may have fewer options for 加热.

  • 在极端天气事件严重影响低收入社区和有色人种的情况下,增强社会的能源弹性.

  • 对现有建筑进行先进的外壳改造,以实现整个建筑的深度耐候性, leveraging all possible sources of funding.

  • 管理这种转变的成本和由此产生的能源负担,特别是对低收入和中等收入的消费者.

  • Encouraging and supporting proposals for innovative decarbonization pilots, projects and policies by Minnesota’s natural gas and electric utilities.

  • 履行公用事业绩效指标的承诺,评估一系列关键项目,包括公用事业服务成本和效益的公平分配.

  • 深化和扩大我们与设备制造商和供应链劳动力的合作,加快制造和安装越来越高效的设备,非常适合明尼苏达州的气候.

  • 通过公共政策和公私伙伴关系,为这一过渡创造和增加资金和融资选择, 认识到不仅需要平等获得资金,而且需要这些投资产生公平的财务结果.

  • 将多样化的劳动力培训和工作管道整合到公用事业客户的产品中,如足球外围app哪个靠谱计划.

  • 与公平倡导者合作,制定和实施一套具有前瞻性的原则,以建立一个公平有效的公用事业系统, to amplify these voices in the continued evolution of the utility regulatory compact.

  • Supporting an economic transition for power plant host communities and workers as our power plants retire.